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FBEF History

When the Freehold Public Schools were established in 1857, they were among the first public school districts in New Jersey, becoming a symbol of this community's support for providing a challenging and nurturing educational environment for its children.

Many challenges and events have taken place during the almost one hundred and fifty year history of out schools but one thing has always remained the same: our community's commitment to providing a quality education that ignites the imagination and creativity of each student and fosters skills for lifelong learning.

Freehold's proud history of outstanding educational programs and dedicated faculty have produced a number of illustrious alumni that have included: Dr. Nathaniel Scudder, patriot and doctor to the Continental Congress; Joel Parker, twice Governor of New Jersey; Garret A. Hobart, 26th Vice President of the United States; and the actor John Barrymore.

Today our schools continue to be a leader in educational innovation, committed to a comprehensive program and ensuing that each student's skills and potential can mature and flourish while enhancing confidence and independence. The district is also enriched by Freehold's racial and ethnic diversity and celebrates the educational opportunities that this heritage provides its students within our increasingly interconnected global community.

In June 1999, 143 years after the first public school classes met, a group of civic, educational and business leaders established an educational foundation, independent of the board of education, to help ensure opportunity and excellence for every student. The Freehold Borough Educational Foundation is another significant step in the community's pursuit of educational excellence. Besides providing a supplementary funding source, the foundation encourages communication and the exchange of ideas between the school and the community it serves. Additional funding and new ideas, may in turn, foster innovative solutions to the challenges facing public education today.