Congratulations to our 2018 Grant Recipients


$2,770 Loretta Miller, Jean Schiller FLC For all 1st graders to attend “Harry the Dirty Dog” at the Algonquin Arts Theater


$2,487 Juanita DelVecchio, Michele Prouty,  Lauren Winouski, Veronica Fiori,  Jillian Lazaro, Lynette Palmieri,Antoinette Siluk, Garret Gallinot   PAE & FLC For all 2nd Graders to attend “Joe Sullivan’s Reading Rock Magic Show” at the Algonquin Arts Theater


$449 Rachel Wassum   FIS To purchase Kesler’s 5e Next Generation Science Lessons and Resources to increasestudent learning of Science for 150-450 middle school students through “Science Exploration and Engagement”


$138.77 Suzanne Peltzman PAE Magazine subscriptions to encourage 5th grade reluctant readers to read more.


$1,131.13 Nicole Funaro, Kari Schmidt   PAE & FLC To purchase two Buddy Benches for use by students when they can use someone to talk to


$1,426.38 Jillian Lazaro,  Lynette Palmieri, Antoinette Siluk, Garret Gallinot      FLC To implement a creative incentivizing program for 2nd graders to promote STEAM


$1,278.64 Brooke Hanenberg, Natalia Fernandez, Kristin Natilli   PAE Chromebooks for use by special education students to increase learning skills


$700 Kristen Kneis FIS For an area carpet for students to gather and read and an easel for charts, providing comfortable setting to help students engage in the Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop program

$1,500 Kathleen Lane, Francisco Alberro,  Christina Van Horn, Charles Latshaw     FIS To purchase books to create the “Read About It, Talk About It” 8th Grade lunch time book club

$722.33 Kathleen Lane FIS To continue building classroom library with Hispanic themed and Hispanic authored novels to create “Lane’s Chaotic to Calm Classroom Wish List”

$695 Victoria Little FIS For choir students to attend the Monmouth County Teen Arts Festival